appellateAppellate Work

Whether you are seeking to preserve a favorable outcome or to overturn an adverse ruling, Rocky Hill Mediation Center has the skill, experience, and legal knowledge to get you the result you need. Our appellate attorneys pride themselves on their deep love for the law and use their enthusiasm to discover the most effective legal arguments for your case, and the most successful strategies for obtaining your desired result.

As finding the best law is only the first stage of the battle, our appellate attorneys are likewise skilled and passionate at communicating the law to the court through crafting appellate briefs.  Our attorneys pride themselves at producing organized, professional, and complete briefs that encapsulate the best arguments and the most persuasive law in the most favorable light for your position.  Further, the enthusiasm of our attorneys for the law sets them apart from other attorneys during oral arguments, where their knowledge and love of the law gives them an edge in presenting your position coherently and responding effectively to the often intricate or nuanced questions of the Court.

The lawyers in our appellate group have handled cases in a wide range of subject areas, including contract interpretation, personal injury, statutes of limitations/repose, statutory presumptions, insurance, construction, contract validity, agency, worker’s compensation, and insurance. We represent clients ranging from individuals, insurance companies, and private companies and partnerships.  Our clients have enjoyed favorable results at both the intermediary and Supreme Court levels.